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Progressive Skills in English 3
Workbook with audio CD

By Terry Phillips and Anna Phillips

Progressive Skills in English 3
Mixed media product - Workbook with audio CD, 90 pages £10.00
Published: 24th November 2011
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ISBN: 9781859646830
Format: 280mm x 210mm
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Category: Progressive Skills in English

Series: Progressive Skills in English

Progressive Skills in English 3: Workbook

Do you need English in your studies? Then you need the Progressive Skills in English Course.

The course builds the skills required for lectures, tutorials, reading research and written assignments in English.

Now with fantastic, extensive online resources at

Listening skills include:

  • recording sources
  • recognizing the main points
  • understanding signpost language
  • identifying and recording units of measurement
  • choosing the best form for notes

Speaking skills include:

  • preparing for a talk
  • starting and ending an extended turn
  • reporting problems with research
  • reacting to tutorial contributions
  • talking about processes

Reading skills include:

  • recognizing sentence function
  • reading line graphs
  • distinguishing between fact and theory
  • understanding non-text markers
  • recognizing the writer's point of view or bias

Writing skills include:

  • writing Argument essays
  • writing research reports
  • writing For and against essays
  • writing Description essays
  • writing Discussion essays

Go to for fantastic, free student resources to practise, and improve on your skills. Resources include practice activities for: vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening and speaking.

Did you know? Progressive Skills is also available in separate Listening & Speaking, Reading and Writing courses.

Accompanying Progressive Skills in English 3 Course Book and Teacher's Book also available.


Theme 1: Remembering and forgetting
Theme 2: Friends and family
Theme 3: Managing to be successful
Theme 4: Natural cycles
Theme 5: Customs: origins and effects

Publication Details:

 Mixed media product - Workbook with audio CD, 90 pages
 280mm x 210mm
Contains black and white photos, tables and illustrations

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 Garnet Education


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