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Passport to Academic Presentations
Course DVD

WEP UK Productions
By Douglas Bell

Passport to Academic Presentations
DVD video - Course DVD £30.00
Published: 1st June 2008
ISBN: 9781859644164
Format: 185mm x 130mm
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Category: English for Academic Purposes, Passport to Academic Presentations
Level: Upper intermediate to proficiency
CEF: B2 to C2
IELTS: 5.0 to 7.5+

Passport to Academic Presentations

Passport to Academic Presentations aims to demystify the entire process of giving oral presentations in an academic context by examining each of the different stages in turn. No prior knowledge is assumed, and students are gradually introduced to a set of core language and skills, allowing them to tackle oral presentations in an academic context with increased confidence and fluency.

A key feature of the course it is focus on transferability; students are encouraged to apply the material to their own specific subject areas throughout. Each unit also contains advice on pronunciation and tips for improving oral presentation delivery.

All the presentations on the accompanying audio CD have been recorded on DVD for added clarity.

Key Features

  • Audio CDs for further self-study and listening practice
  • Tips for successful presentations
  • Step-by-step coverage of the oral presentation process
  • Focus on key language and pronunciation areas
  • DVD includes extended learning through filmed presentations


Unit 1: Getting started
Unit 2: Organizing your material
Unit 3: Dealing with questions and answers
Unit 4: Creating more impact
Unit 5: Using visual aids
Unit 6: Giving persuasive presentations

"This is a hands-on, pragmatic book that should greatly boost students' confidence when giving presentations."

- Paul Sofer, University of Sussex

"There are very few materials for teachers showing academic presentations, so the DVD accompanying this book will be welcomed by many EAP teachers. Presentations cover topics such as the IELTS exam, the Loch Ness Monster, and global warming. The book claims the skills here are 'transferable' to other student contexts. As such, it works very well: the six units cover sound but predictable ground, such as openings, dealing with questions and using visual aids. Appropriate attention is paid to phonology, but there is a lack of input on referencing sources. This slim book (68 pages) should work as a springboard for students to deliver their own presentations."

- Pete Sharma for the EL Gazette, Issue 351, April 2009

Publication Details:

 DVD video - Course DVD
 185mm x 130mm

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 Garnet Education


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