Garnet Education

Level 3
Student's Book with Song CD

By Marta Graciela Garcia Lorea and Elida Beatriz Messina Illustrated by Doug Nash

Mixed media product - Student's Book with Song CD, 96 pages £14.00
Published: 10th June 2011
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ISBN: 9781859645918
Format: 210mm x 270mm
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Category: Pre-school
Level: Pre-school

Series: Sunshine

Sunshine Level 3 Student's Book

The Garnet Education Sunshine series won the Duke of Edinburgh English Speaking Union English Language Book Award in the category 'Best Entry for Children' in 2011.

Sunshine is a three-level introductory series for kindergarten children studying English. It is both teacher- and student-friendly and provides balanced activities that address all intelligences and learning styles. Sunshine helps to develop students' curiosity, imagination, creativity and gross and fine motor skills.

Key Features

  • Sunshine is content-based. It develops listening and speaking skills through pictures, art and music.
  • Language is taught through the characters of Emma, Paul and Vicky, who create humor and build confidence.
  • Varied activities encourage 'whole-brain learning' and maintain childrens' interest.
  • Brightly illustrated songs, rhymes and chants develop phonemic awareness.
  • Sunshine includes tear-out worksheets, stickers and an end-of-course diploma.
  • The Resource Bank includes teaching tips as well as detailed suggestions for additional games, crafts, drama activities and songs.

Accompanying Activity Book, Resource Pack, Teacher's Book and Big Book also available.


Unit 1: My School
Unit 2: Toys
Unit 3: Animal World
Unit 4: Our Families
Review 1
Unit 5: Food
Unit 6: Happy Birthday Party
Unit 7: Seasons and Clothes
Unit 8: In the City!
Review 2
Rebus Sentences

Publication Details:

 Mixed media product - Student's Book with Song CD, 96 pages
 210mm x 270mm
Contains full colour illustrations

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 Garnet Education


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