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English for Academic Study: Extended Writing & Research Skills 2012 Edition
Teacher's Book

By Joan McCormack and John Slaght

English for Academic Study: Extended Writing & Research Skills 2012 Edition
Paperback - Teacher's Book, 88 pages £17.00
Published: 18th May 2012
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ISBN: 9781908614315
Format: 280mm x 210mm
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Category: English for Academic Purposes
Level: Upper intermediate to proficiency
CEF: B2 to C2
IELTS: 5.5 to 7.5+

Series: English for Academic Study (2012)

English for Academic Study: Extended Writing and Research Skills

This fully updated 2012 edition of English for Academic Study: Extended Writing & Research Skills will help develop the practical skills your students need to tackle extended essays and projects and encourage the development of an independent approach to studying.

The units are organized as follows: 

  • Introduction to extended writing and research
  • Using evidence to support your ideas
  • Sourcing information for your project
  • Developing your project
  • Developing a focus
  • Introductions, conclusions and definitions
  • Incorporating data and illustrations
  • Preparing for conference presentations

The units take students step by step through the process of producing an extended piece of academic writing. Authentic source materials, model answers and detailed advice are included to help support and guide them. This course will require them to apply skills and strategies they have already studied in order to help them complete a project independently.

The Course Book includes unit summaries to give students a quick overview of what they have covered, and a comprehensive glossary of terms. Each unit also has weblinks offering additional information and activities, relating to both listening skills and the topics covered in the units. Visit the dedicated English for Academic Study website at for even more resources.

This book can be used in conjunction with the following books in the English for Academic Study (EAS) series, also published by Garnet Education: EAS: Reading & Writing Source Book, EAS: Reading, EAS: Writing, EAS: Speaking, EAS: Listening, EAS: Vocabulary, EAS: Pronunciation and EAS: Grammar for Writing.


i. Introduction
1. Introduction to extended writing and research
2. Using evidence to support your ideas
3. Sourcing information for your project
4. Developing your project
5. Developing a focus
6. Introductions, conclusions and definitions
7. Incorporating data and illustrations
8. Preparing for conference presentations
g. Glossary
a. Appendices:
Appendix 1: Sample project
Appendix 2: Self-evaluation checklist
Appendix 3: Taking notes
Appendix 4: Source texts
Appendix 5: Symbols and abbreviations
Appendix 6: Compiling a bibliography

Publication Details:

 Paperback - Teacher's Book, 88 pages
 280mm x 210mm
Contains black and white tables and illustrations

BIC Code:
  FOR007000, REF026000
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