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The Hitchhiker
Graded Reader

By Tim Vicary Series edited by Peter Viney

The Hitchhiker
Paperback - Graded Reader, 40 pages £3.00
Published: 29th April 2014
ISBN: 9781907575181
Format: 198mm x 130mm
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Category: Garnet Oracle Readers
Level: Intermediate
IELTS: 4.0

Series: Garnet Oracle Readers

It’s my job to look at people and to think carefully about them. I was sure there was something strange about this man. His hair – nobody has their hair cut quite like that now. And that suit – it was quite clean, quite new, but the trousers and the jacket were different somehow … Where had I seen a suit like that before? 

There has been a car crash on an empty road, and a driver who thinks he has killed a man. Sue Fraser is a police officer. She has to investigate the accident. First she must find the strange hitchhiker – the man she gave a lift to on the day the accident happened.

Level 4
1,250 headwords
Story word count: 6,302 words

Currently comprising 16 titles across four stages - from beginner to upper intermediate - the series is carefully graded, lexically and structurally, to encourage young adults to read for pleasure and at speed. The stories are all, first and foremost, just that - stories, from ELT authors well known for their ability to craft original and engaging narratives to entertain and educate.

Each reader contains striking and contemporary full-colour illustrations and photos, resource pages of well-scaffolded exercises, and an easy-to-use glossary. Titles in Levels 1 and 2 are 32 pages each, while titles in Levels 3 and 4 are 40 pages each.

Publication Details:

 Paperback - Graded Reader, 40 pages
 198mm x 130mm
Contains full colour illustrations

BIC Code:
  FOR007000, LAN012000
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