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EAP Within the Higher Education Garden: Cross-Pollination Between Disciplines, Departments and Research
Proceedings of the 2011 BALEAP Conference

Edited by John Wrigglesworth

EAP Within the Higher Education Garden: Cross-Pollination Between Disciplines, Departments and Research
Paperback, 248 pages £12.00
Published: 22nd April 2013
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ISBN: 9781908614711
Format: 245mm x 185mm
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Category: Reference, Journals and Academic Papers
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EAP Within the Higher Education Garden: Cross-Pollination Between Disciplines, Departments and Research

This volume consists of 21 papers from the BALEAP Biennial Conference held at the University of Portsmouth in the UK in 2011. The papers contribute to a wide range of current debates within English for Academic Purposes and reflect the eclectic theme of the conference: 'EAP Within the Higher Education Garden: Cross-Pollination Between Disciplines, Departments and Research'.

The volume reflects the strength and vitality of EAP research, which is in part a consequence of its heterogenous nature and willingness to draw on a wide variety of scholarship. In the first plenary paper, Janette Ryan outlines the changing institutional context created by the popularity of an international education. In the second, Ian Bruce shows how negotiating texts within specific disciplines is made easier through a genre-based pedagogy. Several papers show how discipline-specific pedagogies can be implemented, but there is also a section demonstrating successful corss-institutional approaches. The specific/general distinction is taken up and developed in papers which focus on assessment and argumentation. The volume is rounded off by papers presenting work which encourages professional development and good practice in learning, teaching and research.

BALEAP, the global forum for EAP professionals, brings together practitioners to share, critique and cultivate EAP practice and develop good quality teaching and research of academic English, study skills and the wider student experience.


Introduction by John Wrigglesworth

Section I: Plenary papers

  • Transformative international education: collaborative approaches to supporting international students by Janette Ryan
  • The centrality of genre in EAP instruction by Ian Bruce

Section II: EAP and the disciplines

  • Non-pollinating perspectives on the written: the case of 'proofreading' by Joan Turner
  • Writer turned gatekeeper by Maureen Finn
  • Arbitrating beliefs about learning to write in the PhD writing workshop by Hilary Arnold and Simon Williams
  • Working with departments to develop students' writing: two examples of collaborations on medical degrees at Queen Mary, University of London by Nadya Yakovchuk and Julian Ingle
  • 'Use your own words': exploring the boundaries of plagiarism by Mary Davis and John Morley

Section III: EAP across the institution

  • Compulsory EAP classes and social integration networks: helping international students to succeed by Helen Armstrong and Suzanne Evans
  • Reformulation, noticing and the development of L2 academic writing by Jackie Dannatt
  • MultiConcord and the EAP teacher and learner by Francine Roussel
  • Integrating teacher feedback in the L2 writing classroom by Jianying Du
  • EAP reading: a means to an end by Gamze Oncul
  • English for Specific Academic Purposes: a balancing act? by Chitra Varaprasad

Section IV: EAP assessment and academic argument

  • Performance decision trees: developing domain-specific criteria for teaching and assessment by Jenny Kemp and Glenn Fulcher
  • An investigation into the role of spoken English competence in an assessed business discussion in an ELF context by Sarah Beaumont and Andy Gillett
  • Authenticity and need in the design of EAP reading-into-writing tests by John Slaght
  • Argumentation in second-language academic writing: teacher and learner perspectives by Fiona Dalziel and Carole Sedgwick
  • 'The slippery eel': defining critical thinking for EAP curriculum design and assessment by Julia Molinari and Anne Kavanagh

 Section V: Promoting best practice in EAP provision

  • A quantitative assessment of the success of a Canadian university-based, on-site EAP program: preliminary results by Garry Dyck
  • EAP tutor observation and feedback: an empirical study by Mick Kavanagh and Lisa Robinson
  • Teacher action research: a means of reflection to improve EAP teaching practice by Tijen Aksit

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 Paperback, 248 pages
 245mm x 185mm
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