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English for Academic Study: Reading & Writing 2012 edition
Source Book

By John Slaght and Anne Pallant

English for Academic Study: Reading & Writing 2012 edition
Paperback - Source Book, 68 pages £10.00
Published: 29th May 2012
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ISBN: 9781908614360
Format: 280mm x 210mm
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Category: English for Academic Purposes
Level: Upper intermediate to proficiency
CEF: B2 to C2
IELTS: 5.0 to 7.5+

Series: English for Academic Study (2012)

English for Academic Study: Reading & Writing Source Book

This fully updated 2012 edition of the English for Academic Study: Reading & Writing Source Book accompanies the EAS: Reading and EAS: Writing Course Books, which can be studied separately or together in an integrated course. The EAS: Reading & Writing Source Book contains authentic and up-to-date academic texts that will help prepare students for academic life.

Each text covers an interesting and topical issue, with the aim of challenging and stimulating the reader. All texts are a suitable length and level for academic study, and are designed for use with the Course Books. They will help to develop both reading and writing skills.

This book can be used in conjunction with the following books in the English for Academic Study (EAS) series, also published by Garnet Education: EAS: Reading, EAS: Writing, EAS: Extended Writing & Research Skills, EAS: Speaking, EAS: Listening, EAS: Vocabulary and EAS: Pronunciation.

Reading for academic purposes
Text 1a: Reading for academic purposes
Text 1b: The SQ3R reading and study system
Sustainable energy
Text 2a: Using waste, Swedish city cuts its fossil fuel use (1)
Text 2b: Using waste, Swedish city cuts its fossil fuel use (2)
The business of science
Text 3a: Stop selling out science to commerce
Text 3b: Is business bad for science?
Society today
Text 4a: Growing grey
Text 4b: Well connected? The biological implications of ‘social networking’
Text 4c: Telemedicine comes home
Food security
Text 5a: Diet and sustainability key to feeding the world: A food security report
Text 5b: The challenge of feeding 9 billion people
Text 5c: Closing the yield gap
Text 5d: Dealing with the situation
Human resource management
Text 6a: Background and origins of people management
Text 6b: International human resource management
Sustainable fashion
Text 7a: Material diversity
Text 7b: Sustainable fashion
Text 7c: The future of eco-fashion: A design-driven approach
The Tipping Point
Text 8a: The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference
Text 8b: Mental epidemics
Text 8c: An interview with Malcolm Gladwell
Text 8d: The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell: Book review
Text 8e: Rumours, sneakers and the power of translation

Publication Details:

 Paperback - Source Book, 68 pages
 280mm x 210mm
Contains full colour photos, tables and illustrations

BIC Code:
  FOR007000, LAN013000, REF026000
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