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WORDREADY Academic English 

Winners of the ELTons 2012 Digital Innovation Award.

An online learning resource aimed at students preparing for study at an English-medium college or university


Wordready ELTons 2012 Digital Innovation Winners

WORDREADY® is a powerful online vocabulary learning resource aimed at students preparing to study, or already studying, at an English-medium college or university.

WORDREADY® manages the learning process for key academic vocabulary. Based on texts they have supplied and the system’s evolving knowledge of their previous learning, learners are given a variety of interactive exercises using contextualised examples.

Each learner has their own account and can access WORDREADY® from any location (e.g., from home or college, or both). WORDREADY® tracks the learning and adapts to how the learner is performing to deliver personalised vocabulary learning. WORDREADY® knows how many words they have met, when they last met each word, and how well they know them.

Each time a learner signs in, WORDREADY® selects the most appropriate words and creates a series of interactive multimedia exercises for that particular learner at that point in time. All words are thoroughly revised and recycled over time to ensure retention.

WORDREADY® frees up classroom time and caters for different ability levels and learning styles. Teachers and lecturers can easily monitor progress and quickly identify any issues. It will support learners working towards academic language exams (e.g., IELTS, TOEFL).

Key features

• Key academic vocabulary

• Introduction, practice and revision

• Personalised interactive exercises

• Spaced repetition of words

• Learner tracking and monitoring

• Access online anywhere

• Stimulating and easy to use

System requirements

• PC or Apple Mac

• Internet connection

• Speakers / headphones

• Flash Player

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