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Welcome to the brand new Garnet Education blog. Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be posting news and thoughts from Garnet Education staff, authors and special guests, focusing on the areas we publish in – English for Specific Purposes and English for Academic Purposes. Our first posts will come from Chris Sowton – author of 50 Steps to Improving Your Academic Writing – as he answers students’ questions about academic writing.

If you have ideas for posts, or would be interested in writing something for this blog, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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  1. Hi, I’m a master teacher who attended Teacher-Training Programme for English for Iraq. I think writing is very important and difficult skill for native learners themselves. Then, how it would be for those who are non-native. I think, as a teacher of English language and being an Iraqi one, teaching this skill is a big challenge for us. I personally made a training lesson for teachers on writing. I made about 20 students write a first draft during 50 minutes. Finally I want all the specialists and the teachers know the difficulties that we are facing and challenging while teaching.(I have a written lesson plan for this lesson)

    1. Abdul is absolutely right to make his trainee teachers write drafts of a text in a limited time. This is exactly what we as teachers expect students to do. However, it’s not just non-native speaker teachers who need to do this, we all have to in order to understand what the difficulties are for our students.

      I remember the first time I wrote a first draft at the same time as my students and then showed it to them. They were astonished by the crossings out, changes and errors. Then the whole class made suggestions to improve it for a second draft. They were more relaxed and confident once they realised that no one can write a perfect first draft and that they could help their teacher to improve.

  2. Excuse me . What do we mean by presentation ,practice and production in the lesson plan ?
    How can we teach writing skill in clt ?
    Thank you ….

  3. Good day there
    I wish this message finds you well


    I would like to ask you if you have a sample of collective questions concerning the book of ” English for Iraq” due to they will help all the teachers in my country in how they write the questions and also they will help the teachers to avoid the complexity especially when they decide to write the questions to the monthly exam or the final exam.

    Sam Ali
    Iraqi Nationality
    Master- English Language
    Romania- Bucharest

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