Career Express: Business English B2 Teacher’s Book

Kenneth Thomson


A course specifically designed and developed for students studying Business at a higher level.

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ISBN: 9781907575709

Upper intermediate
CEF Level: B2  IELTS Level: 5.0+

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Career Express Level B2 Teacher’s Book

Career Express Business English B2 is the first part of a two-level multimedia course, for students on a Business English language course at university level. It offers a wealth of material and enables you to learn the communication skills you need to be successful in the globalized world of business.

Reading -The texts focus on the most interesting topics from the world of business. They provide the springboard for a discussion of contemporary business issues.

Listening -Realistic conversations, presentations and lectures expose you to a variety of native and non-native speaker accents and help you to develop core listening comprehension skills.

Business Skills -This section introduces you to the skills most needed in business, such as taking part in meetings, using diplomacy at work, describing charts and presenting products.

Discussion and Role-Play -These features give you the opportunity to pick up on issues raised in the reading and listening sections, and to practise functional language.

Company Case -These task-based case studies have been inspired by real business scenarios. They require you to work in teams, find strategic solutions to real-life problems and present them to the class.

Audio CDs -Complete recordings for all the listening activities in the Course Book.

Career Express Self Study Online -This website offers an abundance of additional material:

  • Electronic Workbook with interactive practice exercises to consolidate vocabulary, grammar, reading and skills
  • Self-assessment tests for each unit
  • Tailor-made videos with interactive exercises
  • The complete Course Book listening material as MP3 downloads


Format: Paperback

Publication date: 26 Mar 2013

Number of pages: 128


Unit 1: Applying for an internship
Unit 2: Work and p(l)ay
Unit 3: Customer service
Unit 4: Selling to the consumer
Unit 5: Globalization and international trade
Unit 6: Products and production
Unit 7: Marketing communications
Unit 8: Debts, savings and investments
Unit 9: Company structure
Unit 10: Accounting
Unit 11: Rapidly developing economies
Unit 12: Starting a business

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