The Groundbreaking General English Course for Study, Work & Life

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General English + 21st Century Skills + Academic Skills

C21 is a groundbreaking five-level general English course that integrates 21st century skills and academic skills to ensure that students have the skills they need for study, work and life.

Academic skills prepare students for tertiary level study, while 21st century skills prepare students for the workplace and life in general.

Powerful, easy-to-use digital resources

C21 includes a wealth of easy-to-use digital resources, available in a range of formats, to ensure you have exactly what you need to engage learners. C21 is the perfect course for ‘paper free’ institutions, with all components available digitally.

Truly accessible for students at all levels


Skills are levelled in a way that makes them accessible from A1 level, with students introduced to basic study skills, classroom language, and a proactive, self-reflective, creative approach to learning and class interaction. This ensures that students are not just passive receptors of language instruction, but active communicators responsible for their own development.

The activity types within each lesson put the students at the centre of the learning process and require them to bring their own ideas into the classroom, to bring their critical faculties to bear on texts and tasks that can only be completed through successful teamwork and cooperation.


Designed for international learners


Culturally sensitive material makes C21 the perfect course for all international students, whatever their background.

All text and images have been carefully chosen to place learning in a global context.


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