About us

Garnet Education is an independent ELT publisher based in the UK, with over 40 years’ experience. Specialising in English for Specific Purposes and English for Academic Purposes, Garnet has established a global reputation for quality and innovation with our award-winning resources.

Catering for students of all ages, our materials are used by high-profile institutions throughout the world. We recently added the University of California, Berkeley and University of Cambridge to our long list of customers.

Our accolades include the ESU Best Entry for Children award for our kindergarten series Sunshine, and “Overall Winner” at the ESU awards for the English for Specific Academic Purposes (ESAP) series.

We have recently launched C21, our first general English series, which combines 21st century skills and academic skills with a general English syllabus.

Syllabus development

Garnet Education is actively involved in the development of English-language syllabuses for ministries of education around the world. We have collaborated on government-school syllabuses in the UAE, Qatar and Yemen.

We recognise that syllabus development and curriculum renewal is not a one-off process. During a period of change, there is an ongoing need to monitor the effectiveness of the changes that have been initiated. We are keen to participate in this process with follow-up teacher-training, project evaluation and, where necessary, further revisions.

Teacher training

At Garnet Education we believe that materials development and teacher development go hand in hand, and we have always placed a strong emphasis on the provision of training services alongside our courses. Now, our approach is being validated, as teacher development becomes increasingly recognized as an important way of improving achievement in schools.

The advantage of providing both materials and training from one source is that they inform each other. Because we work closely with clients to understand the rationale behind their course, our trainers understand what teachers need, and can show them how to get the best out of the material. On the other hand, the feedback provided from teachers during training sessions helps us to improve the course.

Garnet Education is also keen to enhance local training skills, as we think it is important that there is still support for teachers even after our trainers go home. This is why we also work with local groups to provide teacher development training to local supervisors.

Testing services

It is important to convince students and teachers that the content of the course material is worth learning, not just for the development of language competence, but also for the passing of examinations.

Garnet Education is aware of the important link between materials development and testing. We work with our clients to make sure that testing is compatible with the aims and objectives of course material, whether the tests are regular progress tests administered by the class teacher, or official end-of-year examinations.

In addition to developing testing material specifically designed for clients’ needs, we have also collaborated with the British Council to produce the Test-Writing Manual for the State of Qatar, a handbook for the writing of tests in government schools.

Garnet Education is part of the Garnet Publishing Group.

Garnet Publishing S.A.L (Offshore) represents Garnet Publishing and Garnet Education with Ministries, Schools and Universities in the Arab World.