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The ELTtime Podcast

At Garnet Education, we produce ELT materials that are used in schools, colleges and universities around the world. We’ve created ELTtime in the hope that it can be a springboard for further discussions in our online community and in your staffrooms. You can expect a variety of topics, from the origins of the word capsicum to in-depth discussions of industry biases, global issues and other challenges that the ELT community faces today.

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Episode 4

TeaBreak: accents, dialects, and varieties of English

We introduce a new feature: TeaBreak. A few of us here at Garnet grab a cuppa, and take half an hour to discuss something we’re passionate about within ELT.

Episode 3

I can’t teach pronunciation; I don’t have the right accent

We speak to Nicola Meldrum to dispel the myth that non-native speakers can’t teach pronunciation

Episode 2

Teacher well-being and mindfulness with Rachael Roberts

A discussion about the importance of teacher well-being with teacher and life coach Rachael Roberts

Episode 1

Nik Peachey: How online tools can unleash student creativity

Nik Peachey talks about using digital tools to drive creativity and innovation

Episode 0

ELTtime trailer

Welcome to ELTtime