C21 Academic Skills

C21 Academic Skills is a downloadable set of materials for students who use English in an academic context. It develops study skills and life skills from the C21 English for the 21st Century course, adding much more detail and completely new areas of focus relevant to the academic world. There are 96 individual skills, each including a lesson’s worth of succinct, focused study materials. Every skill includes three components:

  • Factsheet – gives information about the skill, including the academic context, key features and examples of its application.
  • Worksheet – contains exercises for practising and developing the skill.
  • Teacher’s notes – gives teachers all the information they need to teach the material, including answer keys and transcripts.

Levelling and approach
Each skill is allocated to a C21 level bracket – Levels 1 & 2, Levels 3 & 4, or Level 5. Within each bracket there are 32 skills – 8 each for listening, speaking, reading and writing. Although the language skills are dealt with separately, there are sometimes suggestions for using the material as part of an integrated-skills approach. The large number of skills allows for a deep, comprehensive coverage of topics as diverse as avoiding plagiarism, interpreting graphs and managing questions in a Q&A.

Using the material
Each skill can be used for independent study or as a complete, self-contained lesson. The Teacher’s notes include suggestions for pairwork, group-work and discussion activities. The Factsheet can be used before the lesson, as an introduction; during the lesson, as a prompt; or after the lesson, as a revision tool. The complete set of materials for each skill, including the audio files, can be downloaded by the teacher or by the student.