Interactive Workbook Download

System requirements
Windows: 8, 10
Mac: OS X 10.7+

Download and install instructions
Download and extract the contents to your chosen local drive and folder

Loading instructions
For Windows OS, launch from start.exe.
For Mac OS, launch from Start.
Type your name in the alert box when prompted.

Home screen
[Account] Change your name here at any time. This does not reset your scores.
[Scorecard] View your progress on your personal scorecard.
[i] Read the terms and conditions of use for the application.
Navigate to a section of the required unit using the drop-down menus.

Exercise screens
Use the drop-down menu on the left-hand side of the screen at any time to quit the current exercise and navigate to the home screen or to another section.

On completion of each exercise, the [Submit] button becomes active.

Click [Submit] to receive your score.

Click [Check answers] to see which answers you have answered correctly and which you have answered incorrectly.

Click [See answers] to see the correct answers.

Click [Reset] at any time during an exercise to start again.

If you quit an exercise before you have completed it, your score for that section will not be recorded. An alert box will prompt you to [Quit] or [Continue].

At the end of a section, an alert box will prompt you to either [Continue] to the next section or to view your [Scorecard].

Progress markers in the header indicate how many exercises there are to complete in each section. Your score is recorded once you have completed a section.

Scorecard screen
On the scorecard, each unit and section listed is active; click on a row to go to that section.

The scorecard displays your scores from Turns 1, 2, and 3, as well as for your previous turn. Each subsequent turn overwrites the previous turn. Turns 1, 2 and 3 cannot be overwritten.

Your overall score is displayed in the bottom right-hand box.

Click [Save PDF] to save your scorecard as a PDF for printing or electronic storage.

Your scorecard data is saved locally only.