Garnet eBooks can be accessed on your tablet, phone, or computer. We provide apps for iOS and Android, plus browser-based versions for all other devices.

Our eBooks allow you to:

  • Take notes and highlight text
  • Sync your eBooks across your devices. All notes and bookmarks will be stored for free on a secure cloud-based platform
  • Access downloaded eBooks offline
  • Access free eBook sample material

Accessing your eBooks

Access your eBooks using our iOS or Android apps, or use Web Editions in your browser. Use the links below to download apps to your device. To find the URL for a Web Edition please navigate to the eBook’s product page and view the ‘Access eBook’ tab. Remember to log in using the username and password for your eBook account. Please note that these credentials are likely to be different from those you use to log into this site.





The iOS app requires iOS 12.0 or later, Android requires 5.0 and up. If you have any problems, please email enquiries@garneteducation.com


How do I know what my username and password are?

If you’ve bought your eBook through this site you will have been given your username and password when you bought the eBook. You can reset your password through our apps. Please note that the eBook platform uses different usernames/passwords from this site.

If you’ve been given access to the eBook by your institution they should provide you with login details. If you’ve forgotten them please contact them in the first instance.

Where do I find my eBooks once I have purchased them?

For iOS tap on the Categories button and then tap on My eBooks.
For Android tap the Sample button and then tap on My eBooks.
To access Web Editions in your browser please find the URL in your order confirmation email or in the ‘Access eBook’ tab on the relevant product page.

How do I access an eBook in my browser?

On the product page of each eBook on this website you’ll find a tab called ‘eBook Access’. Here you’ll find a link to the Web Edition of that eBook (plus code to embed the link on your own site). When you visit the link you’ll just need to enter your username and password to access the book.

Can I share my eBook account with others?

No,  it is probably wise not to do so as you only have a maximum 6 device access and anybody logging on to a new device will count against that amount. Also this is your personal account so any bookmarks and notes you make would be made accessible and deletable to all the others you decide share with.

Can I purchase multiple eBooks for myself and on behalf of other users?

Yes, you can. You can purchase through this site if you want to buy a number of different eBooks for yourself. If you want to buy multiple copies of the same eBook for other people please get in touch with us at enquiries@garneteducation.com so that we can arrange.

Can I access eBooks offline?

If you are using our iOS or Android app and have already downloaded the eBook to your device you can access it without internet access. Any notes and bookmarks made while working offline will be saved and synced when the device reconnects. If you are using browser-based Web Editions, or haven’t yet downloaded the eBook to your device you will need internet access.

I think someone has gained access to my eBook account what do I do?

Contact us as soon as possible with the email you used to purchase the eBook and we will try to rectify this issue for you.

How many devices can I access my eBooks on?

You can be simultaneously logged in on six devices.