What happens next after purchasing an eBook?

We setup your eBook account for you and then email you the login details. We try to do this for you within 1 working day, so in the meantime you can install your Garnet eBook app to your chosen devices and have go with the free samples.


Where do I find my eBooks once I have purchased them?

For iOS tap on the Categories button and then tap on My eBooks.
For Android Sample button and then tap on My eBooks.


Can I share my eBook account with others?

No,  it is probably wise not to do so as you only have a maximum 6 device access and anybody logging on to a new device will count against that amount. Also this is your personal account so any bookmarks and notes you make would be made accessible and deletable to all the others you decide share with.


Can I purchase multiple eBooks for myself and on behalf of other users?

Yes, you can opt to have as many eBooks as you want on behalf of other users at the checkout. We will then contact you for all the information we need to create their individual accounts. You only need to purchase 1 eBook for yourself.


I think someone has gained access to my eBook account what do I do?

Contact us as soon as possible with the email you used to purchase the eBook and we will try to rectify this issue for you.