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Episode 7 of the ELTtime podcast from Garnet Education

TeaBreak: How well does teaching English prepare you for a career in ELT publishing?

In today’s episode of ELTtime, Rachel, Matt, Ella and Jaz all sat down together (whilst we were still in the office) for a TeaBreak! With Jaz as the moderator, Rachel, Matt and Ella look back at their teaching experiences and discuss how well teaching English prepared them for a career in ELT publishing.

Let us know if you enjoyed the episode. Get in touch with any suggestions or questions – you can find us at @garneteducation everywhere!

This episode features:

Rachel Finnie

Rachel has worked in ELT for over 20 years. Her roles have included author, editor, project manager, development editor and commissioning editor. She’s delighted to now be the publisher at Garnet Education, leading the editorial and content team, and thrives on the variety, challenges and excitement that the role offers.

Matthew George

Matthew George is the Digital Manager at Garnet. He spends his days overseeing the digital department creating briefs for digital materials, fine tuning instructional design documents and liaising with developers in India and the USA. He works closely with the editorial department, helping to develop content that works equally well in both the print and digital contexts.

Ella Brice-Jeffreys

Ella was Editor at Garnet for just over two years. She likes the collaborative nature of working in a small office (and the people!). Her duties involved project managing a book series and working on a new edition of an academic English book. She has continued project managing in her new role. Outside of work, Ella likes reading gothic fiction and eating pasta.

Jaz Damen

Jaz is the Digital Editor at Garnet – this involves overseeing the digitisation of our books. It’s a varied role which requires a keen eye for detail and a dash of creativity! She particularly enjoys seeing a project through, from start to finish. When not at work, she can be found reading, blogging and making videos about books @travelsinfiction.

0:20 – Intro
0:48 – Teaching experience
1:10 – Rachel’s teaching experience – Greece
2:07 – Matt’s teaching experience – Japan
3:31 – Ella’s teaching experience – Spain
4:55 – Pressure to get through materials quickly
7:12 – Transitioning into publishing
7:23 – Rachel: started as a writer before moving into editing
8:39 – Matt: did a publishing masters, worked in other publishing fields
10:11 – Ella: did an English Literature masters, work experience
11:20 – Does teaching prepare you for working in ELT publishing?
13:22 – Skills needed for editing vs teaching
15:23 – Teaching grammar
16:32 – Content development and teaching
17:45 – Using Teacher’s Books as a tool
18:53 – Time management as a teacher vs editor
23:05 – What parts of teaching doesn’t prepare you for publishing?
27:25 – Thinking about the publishing process as teacher
29:05 – What do you miss about teaching?
32:22 – Favourite thing about ELT publishing
35:03 – Outro


Please note that the views, information, or opinions expressed during these podcasts are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of Garnet Education. Any contributors to the podcasts who are themselves employees of Garnet Education express their views and opinions in a personal capacity and not as representatives of the company.

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