21st Century Skills in the ELT Classroom – A Guide for Teachers (eBook 317906)

Edited by Christopher Graham


ISBN: 9781782608325

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Includes contributions from ELT experts including Nik Peachey, Gavin Dudeney, JJ Wilson and Nicola Meldrum.

21st Century Skills in the ELT Classroom – A Guide for Teachers is part of the new Garnet Teaching Skills Kit [TSK] series of teacher handbooks. Each book in the TSK series will follow a narrative from the point of view of the teacher, to support and inform ELT teachers in their profession. The books will have a strong practical, ‘classroom-ready’ focus underpinned by theory presented in an accessible way.

This book is a teacher reference book designed to support teachers through the integration of 21st century skills into mainstream ELT, EAP and ESP courses. The introduction of 21st century skills into ELT materials is becoming increasingly prevalent and can present teachers with a number of challenges. This book aims to provide the ideas and support needed to integrate 21st century skills work into ELT teaching practice.

We hope readers will be able to apply the underpinning theories, general principles and, above all, practical ideas in the book to their day-to-day teaching

Key features:
Specifically written to support teachers in their everyday work.
Content includes many examples of practical application.
Relevant to the modern-day ELT classroom.
Avoids the use of jargon and written in a way that makes the content highly accessible.
Grounded in the reality of ELT teaching.

Read a blog post from the author explaining the book’s methodology.

View Chris Graham’s slideshow from his talk at IATEFL 2019: ’21st Century Skills – some challenges and solutions’.

Format: eBook


The book comprises ten chapters that move from a general overview of 21st century skills towards a look at specific elements of those skills that are commonly integrated into ELT coursebooks, and finishing with a discussion of some key challenges and future developments.

Chapter 1: 21st Century Skills – an Overview
Chapter 2: Creativity and Innovation in ELT Classes
Chapter 3: Critical Thinking and Problem-solving in ELT
Chapter 4: Communication and Collaboration in ELT Classes
Chapter 5: Information, Media and Technology Skills
Chapter 6: Global Citizenship in ELT Classes
Chapter 7: 21st Century Skills and ELT
Chapter 8: 21st Century Skills in ELT – the Challenges
Chapter 9: Reflections on the Future

Author details

Christopher Graham is an ELT consultant, trainer, writer and speaker.

Includes contributions from ELT experts including Nik Peachey, Gavin Dudeney, JJ Wilson and Nicola Meldrum.

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This is a practical resource offering plenty of suggestions for integrating 21st Century Skills in the classroom. It’s great to read such varied perspectives on this topic, and to get an insight into how other practitioners are dealing with challenges in this area.

Peter Clements, ELT Planning, 2020

21st Century Skills in the ELT Classroom is a well-written guide, with a mix of practical ideas and food for thought ... I would recommend this unique book.

English Australia Journal