50 Steps to Improving Your Grammar Study Book

Chris Sowton


An academic writing course for students preparing for English-medium higher education study.

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ISBN: 9781782602224

Upper intermediate to native speaker
CEF Level: B2+  IELTS Level: 5.0+

Product Description

50 Steps to Improving Your Grammar

50 Steps to Improving Your Grammar builds on the success of 50 Steps to Improving Your Academic Writing and takes the reader through a comprehensive sequence of stages designed for the benefit of international students.

The book clearly differentiates the grammatical requirements needed in a variety of contexts, for example in business, study or everyday conversation. The step-by-step guide is packed full of information critical to achieving grammatical accuracy, including:

  • building on existing knowledge of grammar
  • the most important areas of grammar that help to communicate more effectively in English
  • checking understanding of key areas of grammar with clear activities and exercises
  • demonstrating that English grammar is not as difficult as people think
  • a chapter devoted to academic grammar

50 Steps to Improving Your Grammar is arranged in an order that reflects best practice, beginning with word class and progressing through sentence structure, punctuation and style. The book is designed so that students can either work through the steps in order or can focus on known areas of weakness. Each step should take approximately one hour to complete.


Format: Paperback



What is grammar?
Nouns and pronouns
Adjectives and adverbs
Conjunctions, prepositions and determiners
Sentence structure
Grammar for specific purposes
Grammatical precision
Punctuation and spelling
Academic grammar

Author details

Chris Sowton is an English Language professional with more than 15 years’ experience in the field. He is the author of several EAP books, including 50 Steps to Improving your Academic Writing and the forthcoming 50 Steps to Improving your Grammar. He has taught EAP at King’s College London (University of London) and the University of Cambridge, from foundation through to PhD level. He has also taught ESOL and general EFL to a wide range of students. Over the past decade, he has developed and run a large number of teacher training courses in Nepal with the educational charity Global Action Nepal (which he co-founded) and the British Council. He is currently implementing a teacher training programme and a pioneering English language website, www.onlineenglish.training. His qualifications include a DELTA (from University College London) and an MA (from the University of East Anglia).


"This book is a gem: engaging, thorough and systematic. If there is just one grammar text to possess, this may well be it."

- Peter Benedict Wilson, Western Sydney University, Australia