English for Academic Study: Listening American Edition – Instructor’s Manual

Colin Campbell, Jonathan Smith


A university preparation course published in collaboration with the University of Reading.

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ISBN: 9781859645390

Upper intermediate to proficiency
CEF Level: TOEFL 500 to 600  IELTS Level: 5.0 to 7.0

Product Description

English for Academic Study: Listening

English for academic study: Listening focuses on transcripts from actual lectures recorded in a real academic environment, and is therefore ideal for students preparing for English-medium study.

The lecture extracts are taken from a range of academic fields, including banking, development economics, marketing, psychology, and linguistics. The extracts have been chosen to be accessible to a general audience, while at the same time appealing to students studying these subjects.

The units are organized as follows:

  • Listening and Lectures
  • Introductions to Lectures
  • Identifying Key Ideas in Lectures
  • Note-taking
  • Introducing New Terminology
  • What Professors Do in Lectures
  • Digressions

Each unit has weblinks offering additional information and activities, related to both listening skills and the topics covered in the units. A dedicated website, www.englishforacademicstudy.com, offers further instructor resources.

This book can be used in conjunction with the following books in the English for academic study series, also published by Garnet Education: EAS Reading & Writing, EAS Extended Writing & Research Skills, EAS Vocabulary, and EAS Speaking & Pronunciation.


Format: Paperback


Unit 1: Listening and Lectures
Unit 2: Introductions to Lectures
Unit 3: Identifying Key Ideas in Lectures
Unit 4: Note-taking: Part 1
Unit 5: Note-taking: Part 2
Unit 6: Introducing New Terminology
Unit 7: What Professors Do in Lectures
Unit 8: Digressions

Author details

Colin Campbell has worked in English language teaching for almost 30 years. He has been a teacher, teacher-trainer and consultant in a number of countries, including Poland, Spain, Italy, Ireland and the UK. He has also been involved in setting up language schools in Italy and Poland. Some of his fondest memories from his career to date include co-hosting a Learning English television series for local television in Italy; recording Irish songs for a children’s Course Book in Poland; writing original readers for CUP and, still, teaching students.

He has worked at the University of Reading since 1998, teaching on EAP courses. He has written and co-written various EAP and general ELT books, including EAS Listening and EAS Vocabulary for Garnet Education.

Jonathan Smith has many years’ experience teaching and teacher training in Europe, North Africa and the Far East, and now works as an EAP lecturer and course director at the Centre for Applied Language Studies at the University of Reading.

His academic interests include the teaching of oral skills and the applications of technology in language learning. He has co-authored two books in the English for Academic Study series: Listening and Pronunciation.


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