English for Academic Study: Writing – Course eBook with Answers (eBook 316918)

Anne Pallant


A university preparation course published in collaboration with the University of Reading.

ISBN: 9781782603627

Upper intermediate to proficiency
CEF Level: B2 to C2  IELTS Level: 5.0 to 7.5+

eBook edition

Product Description

This eBook edition includes on-page hotspots that link to answers and where available audio and video tracks, allowing teachers to display the answers and play media content quickly and conveniently. For further information and access to your eBook purchase, please click the Access eBook tab.

This fully updated 2012 edition of English for Academic Study: Writing will help you develop the academic writing skills you need to deal effectively with the written element of your academic study, as well as to develop other important skills such as reading research and critical thinking.

The units are organized as follows:

  • Introduction to academic writing
  • Sustainable energy
  • The business of science
  • Telemedicine
  • Food security
  • Human resource management
  • Sustainable fashion
  • The Tipping Point

Each unit explores a key aspect of writing and teaches it in the context of a specific topic area, e.g., Food security and Sustainable fashion. The tasks in each unit prepare you to write an essay that will consolidate the writing skills you are learning. Authentic texts in the accompanying Reading & Writing Source Book provide useful and interesting background information for each topic area covered. The Course Book includes unit summaries to give you a quick overview of what you have covered, and a comprehensive glossary of terms. Each unit also has weblinks offering additional information and activities, relating to both writing skills and the topics covered in the units.

This book can be used in conjunction with the following books in the English for Academic Study (EAS) series, also published by Garnet Education: EAS: Reading & Writing Source Book, EAS: Reading, EAS: Extended Writing & Research Skills, EAS: Listening, EAS: Speaking, EAS: Vocabulary, EAS: Pronunciation and EAS: Grammar for Writing.

Format: eBook


i. Introduction
1. Introduction to academic writing
2. Sustainable energy
3. The business of science
4. Telemedicine
5. Food security
6. Human resource management
7. Sustainable fashion
8. The Tipping Point
g. Glossary
p. Peer evaluation sheets
a. Appendix: Assessing my progress

Author details

Anne Pallant authored the Writing volume in Garnet Education’s EAS series. Anne has varied experience of teaching English for Academic Purposes. She has been teaching on EAP courses at the Centre for Applied Language Studies since 1994 and is part of the EAP Management team. She was also Director of Studies at a Language School in Italy.

Amongst other qualifications, Anne has obtained an MSc in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from Aston University, a P.G.C.E from the University of Bristol and a Certificate in Online Education and Training from the Institute of Education, University of London.

Whilst Anne is interested in the teaching of all skills within EAP courses, her current focus is on the teaching of academic writing skills and the development of appropriate materials and methodology. She is especially interested in the teaching of critical thinking skills in academic writing. Anne is also concerned with the teaching of study and research skills to prospective postgraduate students, and developing methods and materials through which the needs of students from different disciplines can be met in one classroom. She is also interested in teaching content-based courses and is presently involved in teaching writing to scientists and social scientists by electronic delivery and ‘e-learning’ methodology.

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"English for Academic Study: Writing is a new edition from Garnet Education of a book which has been around in various forms for almost 20 years now. It is part of Garnet’s English for Academic Study (EAS) series. Other books in the series are EAS: Reading & Writing Source Book, EAS: Reading, EAS: Extended Writing & Research Skills, EAS: Listening, EAS: Speaking, EAS: Vocabulary and EAS: Pronunciation. The series aims to provide a comprehensive course in EAP and has been designed for students on pre-sessional and foundation courses within an IELTS range of 5.0 to 7.5.

The English for Academic Study: Writing course includes a course book and a teacher’s book as well as a reading and writing source book, which will be needed to get the most out of the course. The approach used in the book combines five major aspects of writing methodology. They are: the process approach to writing; the development of critical thinking skills; the microskills of writing; the importance of genre; and the link between reading and writing.

After a detailed introduction, the English for Academic Study: Writing course book contains an introductory unit followed by seven thematic units, focussing on themes relevant for all university students today.This is followed by a glossary of terms, peer evaluation sheets and an appendix of assessment activities. Each well-integrated unit includes between four and six tasks and activities related to a source text.The tasks concentrate on typical academic written microskills, such as planning, incorporating sources, writing introductions, writing in examinations, writing conclusions, plus some extended writing. A summary concludes the units.

The excellent English for Academic Study: Writing teacher’s book gives a detailed justification for the approach, help on managing the materials, as well as detailed notes and answers from the teaching units. This is very useful for both experienced EAP teachers and teachers who are new to EAP.

English for Academic Study: Writing takes a rather narrow approach to academic writing, focussing as it does on a small range of essay types. Nevertheless, this is done very well and the integrated nature of the units ensures that all the teaching is clearly directed to and supports the writing aims of the units. When used with other books in the series, especially English for Academic Study: Extended Writing & Research Skills, a wider coverage will be obtained. It can be strongly recommended for use on preparatory courses, especially for new EAP teachers who may not be familiar with many of the approaches and ideas."

Andy Gillet for the ESP SIG Journal, Issue 41, April 2013

“This high-quality series presents teaching materials underpinned by the latest research and honed by classroom feedback. Designed for teaching reading and writing either separately or in an integrated way (with the Source Book being essential for either option), it will help students develop important skills for tertiary settings in either case.”

Patrick Coleman (Lincoln University) for the TESOLANZ newsletter, September 2014

"This updated comprehensive university preparation course reflects the complex demands of academic writing and will be welcomed by EAP and ESP teachers ...this is an impressive, user-friendly course-book which can only add to success in academic writing."

Margaret Bade for the TESOLANZ Journal, Vol. 21, 2013