Gateway Gold Level 1 Teacher’s Book with audio DVD

Jeanette Greenwell, Stephen Lawrence, Sally Etherton and Jenny Watson


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ISBN: 9781782600824

CEF Level: N/A  IELTS Level: N/A

Product Description

An exciting seven-level beginner−intermediate English course

Gateway Gold is a lively seven-level series for children. It has a clear functional and grammatical syllabus that provides students with a framework within which to learn real-world English. Its gradual progression enables students to build confidence in their language skills and fosters thinking and reflection.


Jeanette Greenwell and Stephen Lawrence are knowledgeable academics in the teaching of English as a second and foreign language. Both have extensive experience in this field and over 15 years’ experience as teachers. Jeanette and Stephen are also consultants for the British Council in Mexico. Sally Etherton has worked in ELT and mainstream primary education for over 30 years. She has worked in the UK, Italy, the Solomon Islands, Bhutan and Oman. She has taught all ages, written and delivered in-service teacher training programmes and authored materials for the mainstream primary and TESOL classrooms.

Jenny Watson is an English Language teacher, lexicographer and writer.


Starter level key features

  • Lively student-centred activities
  • A range of communicative speaking activities
  • Core language is presented by friendly, visually appealing characters in familiar contexts
  • Systematic phonics instruction through catchy, fun activities
  • Lots of pre-writing and writing practice


Levels 1−6 key features

  • American English throughout
  • Balanced approach to the four language skills
  • Lively and functional, with a balanced grammar approach
  • Prepares students for the Cambridge KET exams and develops ESOL-orientated skills
  • Enables thought, reflection and reaction in English
  • Course material provides up to 120 hours of material per level
  • Develops 21st Century skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, collaborative learning and team working
  • Introduces academic skills such as conducting surveys and research at a very young age
  • Teaches real-world English
  • Gradual progression builds confidence
  • Age-appropriate texts and fun characters
  • Includes both familiar and fantastical settings


*Two Phonics books cover levels 1−3 and levels 4−6. Big Books are available for levels Starter−2. Readers are available for levels 3−6. Flashcards are available for levels 1−2.

Gateway Gold Level 1 Teacher’s Book is carefully designed to help primary level teachers of English deliver lessons easily and with confidence.

The book provides:
• Detailed teaching notes
• Clear objectives and stages for each lesson
• Ideas for additional activities
• Student’s Book facsimile pages
• Teacher’s Knowledge Bank tips
• Unit tests
• Audio scripts
Also includes comprehensive audio DVD

Format: Paperback


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