IELTS Target 7.0 Course Book with audio DVD

Chris Gough


A preparation course for the IELTS Academic examination.

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ISBN: 9781908614919

Upper intermediate to advanced
CEF Level: B2 to C1  IELTS Level: 6.5 to 7.0

Product Description


IELTS Target 7.0: Preparation for IELTS Academic

IELTS Target 7.0 addresses the increasing trend of institutions demanding higher language competence from students. This level provides less pre-skills guidance and scaffolding, and more post-skills practice and analysis. It aims to develop core language skills and improve scores through more challenging topics and tasks.

The short course consists of four units, each of five modules – Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking and Exam Practice. The material in each module, which is a slightly higher level than students will encounter in the exam, aims to help extend and refine language skills to an advanced level.

Each unit consists of five modules:

  1. Listening: This module is in two sections. The first section briefly engages students in a topic before they complete a task that focuses on a key skill or particular IELTS exam technique. The second section analyzes vocabulary and develops language skills.
  2. Reading: As with the Listening Module.
  3. Writing: The first section deals with task analysis and allows students to look at model compositions and collaborate with their peers before completing a task in the second section. The third section focuses on language development and grammar.
  4. Speaking: This prepares students for the type of interaction they can expect with the examiner in Parts 2 and 3 the Speaking test. Follow-up questions help students extend answers and build on key speaking skills.
  5. Exam Practice: Listening and reading skills are alternately practised under exam-type conditions. Four additional writing tasks are provided in a separate section at the end of the course.


Format: Paperback


Unit 1: Live and learn
Unit 2: Sooner or later
Unit 3: Haves and have-nots
Unit 4: Man and beast

Author details

Chris Gough has taught in the UK and Spain and was involved in teacher training in the UK for a number of years. He now spends all his time writing materials, though he still regularly moderates training courses for Trinity. Chris has written titles for various publishers including supplementary vocabulary and reading resources. He has been writing with Garnet for nearly two years. He lives in Brighton with his wife, Gerry and daughter, Isobel.


“Deal(s) with the nitty-gritty of what learners must do to raise their band levels to university standards.”

“What I noticed and liked immediately about this material was how it goes straight to the heart of skills teaching.”

- EL Gazette, Issue 410, March 2014