Milo Graded Reader

Jennifer Bassett, Peter Viney


A series of graded readers for young adults learning English from beginner to intermediate level.

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ISBN: 9781907575167

Pre-intermediate to intermediate
CEF Level: A2 to B1  IELTS Level: 3.0 to 4.0

Product Description


I liked Milo and wanted to know more about him. I wanted to visit his school, but when I asked him he became very frightened.

‘You mustn’t,’ he said quickly. ‘Please. Don’t come to the school or tell anyone about this valley. Promise me.’

Sally is a teacher. She’s on holiday and meets a mysterious young student. He tells Sally why he is so different from other boys of his age. She does not believe him. But years later she discovers that his story was true. She decides to write a letter of warning to her granddaughter, Lola …

Level 3
1,000 headwords
Story word count: 5,450

Currently comprising 16 titles across four stages – from beginner to upper intermediate – the series is carefully graded, lexically and structurally, to encourage young adults to read for pleasure and at speed. The stories are all, first and foremost, just that – stories, from ELT authors well known for their ability to craft original and engaging narratives to entertain and educate.

Each reader contains striking and contemporary full-colour illustrations and photos, resource pages of well-scaffolded exercises, and an easy-to-use glossary. Titles in Levels 1 and 2 are 32 pages each, while titles in Levels 3 and 4 are 40 pages each.


Format: Paperback


Author details

Peter Viney started teaching English in 1971, after a research MA in English and American Studies. He is the co-author of many popular textbook series in both British English and American English, including Streamline English, New American Streamline, Grapevine, Main Street, Survival English, Basic Survival, Handshake and IN English. He is the co-author with his wife, Karen Viney, of thirteen video courses, including the English Channel series, the Grapevine Video series, Mystery Tour, Only in America, A Weekend Away and A Week By The Sea, as well as the ELT adaptations of Wallace and Gromit in A Grand Day Out, The Wrong Trousers and A Close Shave. He is also the author of self-study video-led materials.

Peter was series editor of the Storylines series of graded readers, as well as the author of the Departures in Reading and Connections in Reading supplementary series for developing basic reading skills. He has written many graded readers for the Storylines series, as well as Striker! in the Penguin Readers series, and he has maintained a major interest in extensive reading. Peter co-wrote Learn English Handwriting and Basic English Reading Programme in the 1980s, designed to teach initial writing and reading to students from non-Roman alphabet cultures. Peter revisited this area with Fast Track to Reading (Garnet Education 2009).

He has lectured and conducted teacher training seminars in many countries, and lives in Poole, UK.


“Readers in this new series of graded reading materials for language learners come at four levels, level 1 – 400 headwords, level 2 – 750 headwords, level 3 - 1 000 headwords, level 4 – 1 250 headwords. The series editor and the author of a number of the readers in the series is an experienced teacher and author of ELT materials, including graded readers for various publishers. His expertise is clearly visible in the choice of texts, the topics and the variety. Some of the stories are narratives; some come in the form of a diary or dialogues. The illustration and visual materials include pictures in various styles, maps, photographs and diagrams. The stories are very well written and a pleasure to read – a teenager kidnapped by aliens, secrets of the London Underground discovered by a night cleaner, a mystery story, the relationship between a student and a teacher, or a modern house haunted by a tidy ghost. The stories are accompanied with resource pages, activity pages and a glossary explaining some of the more difficult words used in the text. At the moment there are four titles available at each level. Let us hope there are more to come.”

- Hanna Kryszewska for Humanising Language Teaching, December 2014