Moving into Healthcare and Nursing Teacher’s eBook (eBook 317773)

Hans Mol


A vocational series for school, college and workplace.

ISBN: 9781782608011

CEF Level: A2 to B1  IELTS Level: 3.0 to 4.0

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Product Description

Moving into ESAP is a series for vocational college and university students. This title is aimed at students who need English for their continuing Healthcare and Nursing education. The course caters for students at a relatively low language level but with high aspirations. It provides a carefully targeted, content-driven course that not only helps to make the study experience more effective, but also prepares students for the world of work.

Key features:

  • Communicative activities focus on developing confident, effective communicators.
  • Grammar and vocabulary are carefully tailored to discipline-specific needs; an additional Grammar reference section at the back of the Course Book provides extra support for each unit.
  • In addition to the four skills, the materials teach transferable skills that relate both to the students’ wider studies and to their current and future careers.
  • Personalised Over to You! tasks encourage student engagement with their own learning and with the topics.
  • Other key focuses include: critical thinking, project work, and opportunities to develop self-assessment.

Format: eBook


Author details

Hans Mol worked as a teacher, teacher trainer, director of studies, producer, project coordinator, editor and author in and for countries such as Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Indonesia and Australia.

He was joint coordinator of the Young Learners and Teenagers Special Interest Group for IATEFL (International Association for Teachers of English as a Foreign Language).

He wrote many course books and resources for young learners, teens, young adults and adults published globally and regionally. He also produced ELT songs through

For Garnet Education, he wrote Tourism and Hospitality in the ESAP series, and co-authored Business English course, Business Update.

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