Talking Trinity 2018 Edition – GESE Grade 2 Student’s Book

Jeremy Walenn and Sara Walenn


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ISBN: 9781782605706

Beginner to pre-intermediate
CEF Level: A1  IELTS Level: 2.0

Product Description

Approved by Trinity College London as suitable exam preparation material.

This revised edition of our Talking Trinity series is fully matched to the latest Trinity GESE exam specifications and enables teachers to maximise their students’ exam performance and develop their speaking and listening skills.

The attractive artwork is designed to appeal to young learners and encourages them to practise speaking by doing a variety of tasks such as:

  • Point and say
  • Listen and repeat
  • Ask and answer
  • Describe and draw
  • Match and say

The books closely follow the exam specifications of the Trinity College London GESE for each grade. The Review Lessons summarise the types of question the examiner is likely to ask the candidate in the subject areas for conversation.

This book covers the Initial Stage Grade 2 GESE exam. There are ten lessons. Each lesson focuses on Trinity GESE Grade 2 exam specifications such as: indicating the position of people or objects or talking about family and friends.

Lessons 1–4 and 6–9 have:

  • engaging and enjoyable activities such as games and songs to activate language
  • oral exercises that mirror the questions and answers that are frequently used in the exam
  • written exercises that can be done either in class or for homework to give additional practice

Lessons 5 and 10 are review lessons. They:

  • review all the language that has been practised in the previous four lessons
  • provide an opportunity to assess progress and get feedback on areas for improvement

The book includes an audio CD.

Format: Paperback

Publication date: 1 Mar 2018

Number of pages:


Lesson 1 – Where’s the cat?
Lesson 2 – Do you have a tablet?
Lesson 3 – What are they doing?
Lesson 4 – Is this the bathroom?
Lesson 5 – Review Lessons 1–4
Lesson 6 – How old is your sister?
Lesson 7 – Has she got fair hair?
Lesson 8 – Is your birthday in January?
Lesson 9 – Are those books yours?
Lesson 10 – Review Lessons 6–9

Author details

Jeremy Walenn has had a varied career. He graduated in Law at Leeds University, but then qualified as a primary teacher and taught in infant/junior schools for five years. He changed to teaching English as a Foreign Language and worked in large language schools in London and Oxford before becoming the Head of the Language Centre at Cranfield University in Oxfordshire, where he worked on several English for Peacekeeping projects. He moved to Hong Kong in 2003 to take up an appointment as English Language Director at the Asia International Open University (Macau).

He teaches the English language modules on the university’s MBA and DBA courses. He also recently developed a course for gaming staff at one of the casinos in Macau. He is an examiner in English language and has travelled extensively in south-east Asia, Europe and South America. He has been an author of English language materials for over 20 years. Jeremy has written the following Garnet Education titles: ESAP: English for Law and Talking Trinity and still enjoys the thrill of starting to write a new book.


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