Talking Trinity 2018 Edition – GESE Grade 6 Student’s Book

Jeremy Walenn and Sara Walenn


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ISBN: 9781782606956

CEF Level: B1  IELTS Level: 4.0

Product Description

Approved by Trinity College London as suitable exam preparation material.

Trinity College London Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE) provide a structured framework to encourage students to improve their speaking and listening skills using language that is appropriate to their needs.

This book helps prepare students for the Trinity GESE Grade 6 exam. There are ten lessons. Each lesson focuses on Trinity GESE Grade 6 exam specifications such as: using expressions related to future time or expressing and requesting opinions and impressions.

Lessons 1–4 and 6–9 have:

  • engaging and enjoyable activities, including games to activate language
  • speaking and listening activities that give valid exam preparation
  • class or homework written activities to give additional practice

Lessons 5 and 10:

  • review all the language that has been practised in the previous four lessons
  • provide an opportunity to assess progress and receive feedback on areas for improvement

The lesson activities:

  • improve accuracy
  • use and practise appropriate vocabulary
  • practise pronunciation

Format: Paperback


Lesson 1 – Travel
Lesson 2 – Money
Lesson 3 – Fashion
Lesson 4 – Rules and regulations
Lesson 5 – Review Lessons 1–4
Lesson 6 – Health and fitness
Lesson 7 – Learning a foreign language
Lesson 8 – Protecting the planet
Lesson 9 – Memorable people and events
Lesson 10 – Review Lessons 6–9

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