Training the Trainer – A Resource Book for ELT Professionals

Christopher Graham

ISBN: 9781782606758

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Product Description

Training the Trainer – A Resource Book for ELT Professionals is part of the new Garnet Teaching Skills Kit [TSK] series of teacher handbooks. Each book in the TSK series will follow a narrative from the point of view of the teacher, to support and inform ELT teachers in their profession.

Pedagogical reform and school improvement around the world is dependent upon the quality of teacher education. ELT is very often at the heart of these reforms, so ELT professional development plays a vital role, underpinned by the skills of the teacher trainers.

High quality training of teacher trainers provides sustainability and localisation, the cornerstones of many educational reforms around the world, and major elements of institutional strengthening.

This book has been written to support institutions with the design, development and implementation of train-the trainer courses in the context of ELT professional development. While not a complete train-the-trainer course in itself, the book comprises guidelines on course design and delivery, with ‘out of the box’ materials in the photocopiable resource pack that can be adapted to the needs of a specific institution.

As well as institutions, the book will be of interest to current and prospective teacher trainers.

Key features:
Aimed at an international audience.
Content can be tailored to specific teacher needs.
Suitable for training providers such as CELTA centres and teacher training departments of universities, as well as Ministries of Education.
Appropriate for schools and other teaching centres.
Relevant to both current and prospective teacher trainers.

Format: Paperback


The book will comprise 12 sequenced chapters and a photocopiable resource pack at the back.

Topics include:

The rationale behind TTT
What is teacher development?
TTT methodology – overview and evaluation Rapport-building
The right training environment

Author details

Christopher Graham is an ELT consultant, trainer, writer and speaker.


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