Level 2 Digital Workbook and Slideshows (for LMS)

Sally Etherton


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ISBN: 9781782603764

CEF Level: A1+  IELTS Level: 2.0+

Product Description

The Workbook provides a wide range of exercises through which students can practise the language points they have studied in each lesson, whilst developing 21st century critical thinking and problem solving skills.

The digital Workbook provides a huge range of intuitive and immersive exercises. Students will never get bored as they do quizzes, crosswords and wordsearches, play matching games, unscramble mystery sentences and use clues to solve puzzles using the language they have learned.

All exercises are scored and the scores submitted to the teacher so that they can monitor each student’s progress.

Print and DVD versions of the Workbook are also available.

Format: Online

Publication date: 18 Feb 2018

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