Moving into Healthcare and Nursing Digital Workbook

Hans Mol


ISBN: 9781782608004

CEF Level: A2 to B1  IELTS Level: 3.0 to 4.0

Product Description

The workbook provides a wide range of exercises through which students can practise the vocabulary and language points they have studied in each lesson.

The digital workbook provides a wide range of intuitive, immersive and fun activities. Students will grow in confidence as they work their way through a wide variety of interactive tasks, matching words to their definitions, creating phrases, completing sentences, correcting errors, reordering sentences, labelling images and solving clues.

All exercises are scored so that students and their teachers can monitor progress.

There are three versions of the digital workbook:

  • SCORM package for use on your institution’s LMS (minimum order of 5 seats applies);
  • Online single user for independent self-study;
  • Download for one computer.* Please see requirements and instructions.
* For customers without reliable internet, the program can also be delivered on a flash drive / USB stick. Please contact us for further details at 

Format: Online


Author details

Hans Mol worked as a teacher, teacher trainer, director of studies, producer, project coordinator, editor and author in and for countries such as Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Indonesia and Australia.

He was joint coordinator of the Young Learners and Teenagers Special Interest Group for IATEFL (International Association for Teachers of English as a Foreign Language).

He wrote many course books and resources for young learners, teens, young adults and adults published globally and regionally. He also produced ELT songs through

For Garnet Education, he wrote Tourism and Hospitality in the ESAP series, and co-authored Business English course, Business Update.